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Compensation Plan Overview

You’re going to see, that from day one, Freeway to Success is very simple, affordable, and the key is, it works! So with that in mind, let's get started.

Let's walk through the Compensation Plan.

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I think you’re going to agree, when it's all said and done, with Freeway To Success and a startup cost of $15, that you can definitely turn things around for yourself, financially. With those things in mind, let’s get started by letting you know right up front, for $5 a month plus a $20 annual admin fee, this is how you earn commissions when you refer other members to Freeway To Success.

Generic Overview Chart of Freeways Matrix This is a 5x5 Matrix, meaning you can only go 5 members wide and 5 levels deep. Here’s the key – build yourself the foundation of your 5x5 matrix. Your foundation is this – Your first 2 levels, 5 on level 1, 25 on level 2. You can do it by yourself. You can do it with the help of your team. Either way, stay in touch with those 30 people. Sometimes, all they need is a pat on the back or sometimes they need some directions. Sometimes they need marketing tools. We are here to help you but if you stay in contact with these people and they do the very same thing you’ve done, what happens? Now, you’ve got 4 levels filled up!

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These charts are for illustrative purposes only. The total earnings listed are the actual income potential per member and is based solely on your own efforts.